"The SARS system is going to change the shooting industry in a positive way. I am a competitive shooter as well as a SWAT sniper. I need the piece of mind that when I am on the firing line, I don't have to wonder if my scope moved when I bumped it on the last stage. On the Law Enforcement aspect, there is no price you can put on the assurance of knowing that if i have to deploy my rifle in a high risk situation, my scope has not shifted after it has ridden around in my vehicle, getting bumped around for days since it was last taken out. In the LE snipers world you can't run out to the range to check your zero before you deploy on a call. To know you can depend on your equipment is priceless. The SARS system has given me the piece of mind and assurance that my rifle will hold zero even after the abuse we sometimes put our equipment through.""

Brad EllisScott County SWAT

 "SARS is a well-built well thought out product that works extremely well. No more losing zero on scope because of loose base. SARS is an excellent platform for larger and heavier scopes.""

Carl “Tut” HillCompetition Shooter 600 and 1000 yards

 "I became interested in precision rifles a few years ago. I have 3 Remington Actions in 3 calibers that are part of a precision rifle. From F-Class competitions to PRS and hunting. I am always pursuing accuracy. When I read about the SARS system it was a no brainer to have it installed on rifles. The first rifle i installed it on is shooting single hole groups at 100 yards even before load development. With the heavy tactical type scopes I have it is a definite improvement in the rifle system.""

Lawrence BeechCompetitive Shooter and Hunter

 I firmly believe that the SARS system is great in inself. I have noticed that it has increased the accuracy of my cold bore shots. Being a L.E. Sniper and one of the biggest factors before taking a shot is the safety of innocent bystanders. I have to be able to put that round exactly where my crosshairs are positioned. It has definetly taken the ruggedness away from the platform. Having the action, rails and recoil lug conforming to one solid piece making for a rugged system. With the size of scopes that we, as LE Snipers or competitive shooters are using today, that extra bit of ruggedness is needed. My rifle is not babied, it rides around in the trunk of a car, and I know that when I get it out to send a round downrange, it will hit its mark. I would highly recommend the system to any shooter out there that is wanting to beef up their action and make it more solid."

Detective Scott LomaxSWAT Sniper Starkville Police Department