No, we are not Building Plastic Rails, however,  what we did do, was manufacture a plastic rail to test our system.  Not only that, we tested it on a 338 Lapua, during a live feed, that is how much we believe in our system.

Boxes are in.  Its a lot easier to manufacture SARS systems than make boxes  (or it is for us.)

SARS began with a simple solution to an age old problem.  SARS is redefining firearm technology.  We are launching products for one single purpose in mind, to help you become more accurate with less fuss.  Scopes continue to impress with added benefits and technology, shouldn't your mounting system do the same?  Adding to the SARS system we are adding new products continually.  The SARS system is our patented product, impressing Washington DC patent approver, making the remark “the SARS system was the greatest part to come for firearms in 50 years.”  We have recently add the Remulak Self Timing Muzzle Brake and the fun has only just began.  So join us in our product lines and lets “Make America Great Again.” (This is not our quote.)