US Patent for Stabilizing recoil lug and rail for rifle scope mounting and method of use Patent (Patent # 10,309,752)

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The SARS Rail

Our Rail has been designed with the shooter in mind. We contoured the edges for clean lines surrounding your action. We eliminated areas that we felt were not needed. The SARS rail was engineered and enhanced to give you the best rail for your money.

 "The SARS system is going to change the shooting industry in a positive way. I am a competitive shooter as well as a SWAT sniper. I need the piece of mind that when I am on the firing line, I don't have to wonder if my scope moved when I bumped it on the last stage. On the Law Enforcement aspect, there is no price you can put on the assurance of knowing that if i have to deploy my rifle in a high risk situation, my scope has not shifted after it has ridden around in my vehicle, getting bumped around for days since it was last taken out. In the LE snipers world you can't run out to the range to check your zero before you deploy on a call. To know you can depend on your equipment is priceless. The SARS system has given me the piece of mind and assurance that my rifle will hold zero even after the abuse we sometimes put our equipment through." 

Brad EllisScott County SWAT

 "SARS is a well-built well thought out product that works extremely well. No more losing zero on scope because of loose base. SARS is an excellent platform for larger and heavier scopes." 

Carl “Tut” HillCompetition Shooter 600 and 1000 yards

 "I became interested in precision rifles a few years ago. I have 3 Remington Actions in 3 calibers that are part of a precision rifle. From F-Class competitions to PRS and hunting. I am always pursuing accuracy. When I read about the SARS system it was a no brainer to have it installed on rifles. The first rifle i installed it on is shooting single hole groups at 100 yards even before load development. With the heavy tactical type scopes I have it is a definite improvement in the rifle system." 

Lawrence BeechCompetitive Shooter and Hunter

 I firmly believe that the SARS system is great in inself. I have noticed that it has increased the accuracy of my cold bore shots. Being a L.E. Sniper and one of the biggest factors before taking a shot is the safety of innocent bystanders. I have to be able to put that round exactly where my crosshairs are positioned. It has definetly taken the ruggedness away from the platform. Having the action, rails and recoil lug conforming to one solid piece making for a rugged system. With the size of scopes that we, as LE Snipers or competitive shooters are using today, that extra bit of ruggedness is needed. My rifle is not babied, it rides around in the trunk of a car, and I know that when I get it out to send a round downrange, it will hit its mark. I would highly recommend the system to any shooter out there that is wanting to beef up their action and make it more solid. 

Detective Scott LomaxSWAT Sniper Starkville Police Department
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The question is not if you need one, The question is how many?  If you own a Remington or Savage, the answer is obvious.

We have a combined over 100 years of machine shop experience.  

Combined with award winning precision long range shooters, we are hunters and we have served our Country in the Military.  We have one of the most well equipped machine shops in the south.  We have CNC equipment and machinist that have the experience and knowledge to implement the standards that are expected in our industry.
As a rifle gunsmith, and competition shooter, the constant problem with loose screws, increasing screw diameter, and other attempts at correcting the problem of decreased scope stability, the problem has been a constant issue.

SARS was created to give the assurance and reliability to strengthen your shooting game.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Amen

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Remington 700 and SAVAGE among some others are manufactured with a non integrated recoil lug.  When you purchase your rifle, the shots are pretty accurate up to 100 yards, or so, but let's say, you would like to have consistent shots beyond the short distances.  At this time you decided to add a new barrel, upon adding the new barrel, the first thing most gunsmiths suggest is blueprinting your action, as they blueprint your action they increase the size of your recoil lug to a 1/4"thick lug, Why?  Because the second they blueprint it, and add the heavier duty recoil lug your action becomes tighter in the composition of your stock, hence, already bringing you tighter more consistent shots. Since the  held dimensions on a remington action is the distance between the face of the action to the first scope base mounting hole.

The SARS system was created for use, first as replacing the recoil lug which has a very close tolerance tab machined on the top, adding to that a 1913 picatinny rail, which has a very close tolerance pocket which when mated together provide a more rigid action creating a more load bearing scope platform. This platform not only increases the endurance of your scope system, but also allows for everything to work together to give you a tighter more accurate shot placement.

The reason you invest in your rifle would be to shoot consistently tighter more accurate shots. The SARS system eliminates any hassles regarding your scope placement. Once you set your scope, whether you ride it on the 4-wheeler, carry your rifle around in the back of your vehicle, or bang it around climbing up a tree stand your scope will remain set providing consistent accuracy.

We manufacture the SARS system for any action that does not have an integrated lug, such as Remington 700's and All Savage Rifles. We also manufacture SARS for the Stiller's Actions. Stiller does have pin that inserts from the recoil lug to the action, easily removable, allowing you full access to the SARS System.

Other added benefits include; creating a switch barrel, as long as as the bolt face is compatible, you can change out barrels effortless. Also, you can easily access other MOA rails with the same recoil lug.

Yes, There is a $28.00 charge for 4140.  There is no additional charge for #8 Screws.  We ship our system with #8 Screws.
No, However, if it is a remington with a 3/16" recoil lug (Standard). The Barrel will need to be set back .062 (1 TURN).  This puts your barrel and letting in the same orientation.

If it is a Savage with a 1/4" recoil lug (Standard) then nothing has to be done.


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